Birth of Draupadi – Princess born of Fire

Draupadi was the queen of Hastinapur, wife of the 5 Pandavas, and the daughter of Drupada the King of Panchal. Draupadi is also called as ayonija meaning somebody who was not born from a women’s womb. Draupadi was born from fire as an adult woman. And died in the end.

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Draupadi was the queen of Hastinapurwife of the 5 Pandavas, and the daughter of Drupada the King of Panchal. Draupadi is also called as ayonija meaning somebody who was not born from a women’s womb. Draupadi was born from fire as an adult woman. And died in the end. Follow along in this article to know the complete story of the birth and death of the Princess from fire. This article focuses only on the events related to the birth and death of Draupadi.


To understand the birth of Draupadi, We need to start from the childhood of her father Drupada. Drupada and Drona were childhood friends, they were in the same gurukul in under rishi Bharadwaja. And it is said that they were the best of friends, who learnt archery and other topics together, they played and had fun together. In their childhood, Drupada who was going to be the future King of Panchal, had promised his friend Drona that he will give half of his kingdom to Drona, and they will be friends for life.

Growing up, Drupada went up to be the King of Panchal and Drona who was the son of a Bramhin, had no money. Dealing with difficulties to even feed his son Ashwatthama, Drona went in the courtyard of King Drupada to ask for help. He reminds Drupada of the promises he made in his childhood of giving half of the kingdom to Drona. Drupada in the pride of his Kingdom and wealth, instead of acknowledging his friendship, he calls Drona a beggar and insults him.

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Drupada insults Drona
Drupada insults Drona


Unable to digest this insult from his own friend, Drona promises himself, that he would become a teacher just like his father and would train princes of different Kingdoms, And would defeat Drupada by one of his students as a part of a revenge. Eventually he trains the Pandavas and the Kauravas. And Drona asks both Kaurava’s and the Pandavas to defeat Drupada and take his revenge. Although Kauravas fail in this attempt, Pandavas succeed in defeating Drupada. And that’s how Drona got half of his kingdom.

Pandavas defeat Drupada
Pandavas defeat Drupada

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Unable to digest, the insult, Drupada gets in search of sages who could help him to get a son who could defeat rather kill Drona. Maharshi Yaja and Upyaja help Drona in achieving this. They conduct a YajnaAccording to some scriptures, Drona wanted a son and a daughter who could marry prince Arjuna, the archer who played a prominent role in defeating Drupada.

Hence a prince and a maiden came out of fire. Draupadi was described to have lotus eyes, curly nails and beautiful nails. However, the news of Pandavas getting killed in fire in Varnavrat ( the Palace made of Wax ) was rumoured hence Drupada did not care for the existence of Draupadi in the initial days. And he would only care for Dristadyumna who was born to kill his enemy Drona.

However, on being advised by Krishna Drupada did understand his mistake and loved Draupadi equally. Eventually he organised a swayamvar for Draupadi in order for only the best archer in the world to win the event and marry draupadi. Eventually Arjuna wins the swayamvar.

Draupadi born from fire
Draupadi born from fire


36 years after the Mahabharata war, after Lord Krishna returns to his abode, The Pandavas realise that it is now time for them to also leave. After giving up the throne to Parikshitthe Pandavas along with Draupadi aim to walk up to heaven alive. But in due process, the four Pandava brothers and Draupadi die. Only Yudishithir, the eldest of the Pandavas could successfully make it up to Swargalok alive. Some people believe that the reason for Draupadi’s death, was because she loved Arjuna more than the others. However, this might be arguable.

Death of Draupadi
Death of Draupadi
Birth and death of Draupadi - Fiery Princess born of Fire - who changed the world
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Birth and death of Draupadi - Fiery Princess born of Fire - who changed the world
Draupadi was the queen of Hastinapur, wife of the 5 Pandavas, and the daughter of Drupada the King of Panchal. Draupadi is also called as ayonija meaning somebody who was not born from a women’s womb. She was born from fire as an adult woman. Follow on with this article to know unknown facts on the birth of the queen who went on to change the world completely.
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